HTML E-mail Blasts

HTML emails are important in getting your message to a targeted crowd. Be sure they represent your company with a positive outlook.

This is, often times, the first look into your company. The content should keep a professional tone with a clear message and a primary goal. Goals can be things like promoting a specific product, event, or update etc. For that goal you want to have a clear path to achieve what’s needed to complete it. Ensure you have working links, if they are only temporary be sure to forward them somewhere relevant once they are taken down.

Aside from writing great content you also want to be sure it’s organized in an easily digestible format. Keep it short and simple. Content in the e-mail should be a brief description and elaborated on in a clickable destination. For added ease of use, adding responsiveness to ensure a positive user experience for desktop and mobile users alike.

So much work goes into getting products ready, proper language, proofing text, images, that many often neglect an important part of all this — Programming and testing. Everyone uses their own method for checking emails which brings to light a lot of inconsistencies and incompatibilities. It’s vital you ensure you know each clients strengths and pitfalls and add the proper targeted code to ensure the email renders the same in gmail as it does in outlook.