So you've seen everything I've done professionally, but what do I do with my spare time? Just because I love it so much, I do a lot of the same things I do at work in my personal time as well. Take a look, spread the word and let me know what you think!

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Tune SticksMusic Decals

Tune Sticks is a company I am the owner and creator of. I have a huge love of all kinds of music and always wished there was a decent music decal I could add to my car. To my horror I found none... enter Tune Sticks.

EDM DecalsMusic Decals

I created this site as a resource for people looking to learn more about different types of electronic genres. The site also promotes different music themed decals, either by my own creation or others I found and liked.

Paper MarginDoodle Submission

Notes covered in doodles? Can't pick up a pen without drawing all over whatever's in front of you? Submit them to Paper Margin! Posting every Sunday submissions and my own doodles.

(Scary) Movie in the WoodsResponsive Event

Created this site for my annual "Scary Movie in the Woods" event. Come October, scary movies are a must! What better place to watch them in a spooky woods setting! The site is set up in PHP if I decide to have any other movies in the woods events. This runs off of one master page which populates based on the sub-domain, it then pulls info from the setup sheet of that subdomain. The photo gallery is an upload to a folder with the assigned year and auto populates on the page using ubergallery. (Note: Background image and alien face in the thumbnail are off a google image search)

Pants PartyResponsive - For fun

This site was just an idea I came up with to a quote I jokingly use all the time. Why not put my skills to use creating something that might brighten someones day? Showing some pants having a party together sounds like a good start to me. The site is responsive and just a one page site.

MiscellaneousFor fun

Just some images and misc projects I've done in my spare time for fun.