These are the selected websites I've created or had a large contribution in creating and designed while living in the Buffalo area. I played major roles in the ideas behind the sites as well as designing each to meet the needs of the client (or bosses). I also update and maintain a large variety of other sites in addition to the ones seen here.

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exhibio (responsive)Responsive

This is phase two of the site re-design. I was tasked to provide a new look for the site focusing on what the product does and also make the site mobile and tablet friendly. The site uses HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Grid960, and PHP.

returnreceipt.comfont-end development

Return Receipt was done while working at my full time job. I designed and coded the front-end of the site and input ideas for the site function itself as well. This site provides a way to securly send Email and truly find out if it's been read (among other things).


MineAxe is a Minecraft game hosting company. I designed this site and logo in Photoshop and coded it using Twitter Bootstrap for a responsive element. I also themed the WHMCS. The site was designed for gamers, so creating visually appealing content based off the game and setting it up to look exciting was a large part of this project. The end goal was to integrate all that while keeping the professional feel of a reliable company.


This site's general design was done by another designer, but I was tasked with making the site dimensions wider. To do this I re-wrote the HTML, CSS, and PHP from scratch and updated/redesigned several graphical items that needed attention. I also took a lot of text out of images and into the HTML for SEO purposes.


LocalNet Hosting is a site redesign & recode I did while working at my full time job. This is a web hosting company that offers standard and reseller hosting packages.

exhibiofirst redesign

Exhibio is a site redesign & recode I did while working at my full time job. Exhibio is a dynamic digital signage solution used for staff communication, education, retail outlets, hotels, etc.


Cigars at your price was designed in opencart. The code was modified for the name your price functionality with the help of a programmer. Cigars at your price is a site where you specify what price you want to pay for cigars and it accepts or rejects your bid based on a hidden value.


iFixYouri is a place patrons can go to send in their broken iPhone, iPad, or other smart phone devices to get repaired. In this project I've been working on slowly updating the site to its current state. Most recent updates are the redesign and coding of the home page, header, locations page etc.

start.localnetsmarty front-end development

The LocalNet start page is a page mainly intended for dial-up customers to get their news, shopping, tech-support, and webmail login all in one place. I redesigned this page from ground up (from design to CSS, HTML coding & Javascript in a SMARTY environment) working with back-end developers to get everything functioning.

Scrapped projectsDesigns

These are projects I like but were scrapped before being completed. Sometimes projects get scrapped due to loss of interest or getting dreams crushed by google search :)